A great Pilates instructor is all there is to be said. Professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, patient, kind, caring and above all friendly and funny. I have been attending Karen’s classes twice a week for about 9 months and since then I’ve had no problems or twinges in my back.
I am sure Pilates has strengthened my core and I have become more aware of the practices I am learning and how they can help in all my other classes, training and even day to day life. Try a class or one to one session and see for yourself why Karen is such a popular and well loved Pilates Practitioner.

Rita Patel 

I have been going to Karen’s Pilates class for about 4 years now. Karen is a fab Pilates teacher. She is very clear with her instructions and very patient with us all. Karen is very thoughtful about what moves people can do with different ailments they may suffer from. But most of all she makes the classes fun and different every week. Look forward to going every week. 

Donna Gunson

I have been in Karen’s Pilates class for almost 2 years now, initially as a beginner and now I feel as an intermediate. The class has enthusiasts from people in their twenties through to one lovely lady who is 90 years old. This means that Karen has to manage a class of people of widely different ages and abilities as well as many disabilities! She does this with ease, making it her duty to know everyone by their first name, understanding their background injuries and current problems and offering at least three options with many of her Pilates moves. We use bands, weights and rings or no additions to vary the routines. I believe that most of us have improved our core strength considerably and the fact that her classes are always full and fill up within a few minutes of becoming available says a lot to recommend her.

Hilary, GP

I’ve attended Karen’s pilates classes for almost 2 years. Since starting my lower back pain has completely disappeared. By focusing on core strengthening my abdominal muscles have massively improved. Only issue is availability of spaces at her classes as they are so popular. Karen is extremely kind but firm with a relaxing attitude and good sense of humour. She takes time and care to know everyone by name and most importantly any medical issues they may have in her classes.

Tony Murphy